05 May 2014

The Abbott Government’s Commission of Audit is nothing more than a blueprint for broken promises, Leader of the Opposition and Member for Maribyrnong Bill Shorten said today.


“The Commission of Audit is the Abbott Government’s plan for cuts to our community, instead of growth,” he said.


“It’s their plan to punish local young job seekers by removing income support, and then cutting the very education and training programs they need to help them gain employment.


“It’s their plan to make sure Maribyrnong families gets less, while millionaires get more.


“This is Tony Abbott’s Budget blueprint, and it’s clear his Budget will hurt local residents.”


Mr Shorten said the plan would make it harder for many in the local community, with cuts to:


  • Health, including a proposed a $15 GP Tax costing the people of Maribyrnong a total of $12.43 million annually to see their doctor;


  • The National Disability Insurance Scheme, with proposed delays to hurt over 2000 local residents living with a permanent disability;


  • Family tax benefits, with a single parent family with two children on $50,000 expected to miss out on thousands; and


  • Higher education, making it harder for the 2000 tertiary students in the local area to pay for their education costs.


“This blueprint of broken promises shows how out of touch this government truly is,” Mr Shorten said.


“Tough choices need to be made in every Budget. But by slashing health, education and family support at the same time as rewarding millionaires, the Abbott Government is showing just how twisted their priorities really are.”