Liberals used fake ‘independent’ report to slash NDIS

Liberals used fake ‘independent’ report to slash NDIS  Main Image

The Morrison Government rewrote the ‘independent’ review of the NDIS to ensure it was able to cut services for people with a disability and force them into compulsory assessments.

Documents secured via freedom of information show the Morrison Government inserted an entire chapter into the 2019 Independent Review of the NDIS Act, known as the Tune Review, as well as making substantial changes to almost every part of the document.

I have made these emails and draft versions of the report public, for you to review yourself - See below

As you may be aware, the Tune review has been heavily spruiked by the Liberal Government as a landmark document that would justify the most “substantial package of reforms to the NDIS since its establishment”.

This sham “independent” report was designed and authored by the Government with one purpose alone, to steamroll through cuts to NDIS services and ignore the voices of the 430,000 people living with a disability who use the system.

The sham independent report is in line with the Government’s secret plans to make radical cuts to the NDIS and use sham consultations to push through the compulsory assessments, despite the opposition from the entire disability sector.

This Government shows no care for people living with a disability, the carers that support them or the workforce underpinning the sector.

Labor is calling on the new Minister for the NDIS and Government Services Linda Reynolds to stop the compulsory assessments and make the NDIS work for people living with a disability. This is her first test and one the entire disability sector want her to pass.

Key pages to note in the document below:

  • From P587 is the interfered with/intervened in version (that becomes the final version) it has track changes that the emails show are the Agency’s insertions and changes
  • P585 DSS emails tracked changed version of Tune Report to David Tune noting additional feedback from the NDIA has been added in to make it look ‘hideous’
  • P680 shows the inserted Chapter 4 relating to Independent Assessments. The key part added is on P692
  • P242-246 is the Board telling Tune what to put in the Tune Review



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