05 May 2019

A Shorten Labor Government will deliver a fair go for First Nations people, with a comprehensive plan to close the gap and build a more reconciled Australia.

Labor’s plan begins with giving First Nations people a bigger say in the issues that impact their lives: by delivering a Voice to parliament and seeking the support of the Australian people for it to be enshrined in the constitution.

We believe that when Labor governments and First Nations people work together, we can achieve real change.

Labor will seek a new partnership with First Nations people to deliver positive change in the lives of Indigenous Australians, in the cities, regions and remote communities.

We recommit to the unfinished business of reconciliation, truth-telling and recognition.

We commit to redoubling our efforts to close the gap and achieve genuine equality for First Nations people, including:

  • The equal right to a great education and a good job.
  • The equal right to be healthy and happy.
  • The equal right to be safe in their home and their community, and an
  • Equal right to justice in the courts of the land.

And we also pledge ourselves to work with First Nations people to care for country and protect art and culture.
After five years of cuts and chaos under the Liberals, it is time to restore the fair go for our First Australians.
Labor’s plan for a Fair Go for First Nations people is available here.