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14 October 2021

The Morrison-Joyce Government must release the vaccination rates for Australia’s 2.6 million unpaid carers.

Carers are among the forgotten people of the pandemic and the Morrison-Joyce Government refuses to release vaccination for this important group.

Just as it has botched the vaccine rollout and hotel quarantine, the Government wants to hide key information about vulnerable groups it has failed to vaccinate.

Carers, many of whom are older and look after profoundly disabled adult children, have been doing an incredible job throughout lockdown, but this Government has made it more difficult for them.

Not only have they been overlooked financially at a time when their workload is at an all-time high, carers have also been overlooked on the health front.

Like the people they look after, carers should have been at the front of the queue for a vaccine, but instead many have been left behind and remain vulnerable to COVID.

Vaccine shortages, the lack of in-home support and increasing social isolation are placing enormous stress on carers and the people they care for.

This week is National Carers Week and to properly recognise carers, Labor is demanding the Government release the vaccination rate for Australian carers, now.

These are some of our most vulnerable citizens looking after people how need it most and they should have been a top priority.

Australian carers deserve better.