21 September 2022

The Services Australia Aurora Neurodiversity Program is now recruiting people with autism into digital and ICT roles in one of the APS’s largest and most diverse ICT shops. 

Aurora is Services Australia’s primary disability employment program. In partnership with Specialisterne Australia, the agency has welcomed 33 people with autism into roles since 2020. 
Minister for Government Services Bill Shorten said Services Australia is expanding the program, recruiting up to 70 people in a variety of digital and ICT roles.  

“The Aurora Program is a truly unique and specialised disability employment program,” Minister Shorten said.

“Services Australia is demonstrating the value of providing an accessible and inclusive workplace.

“Aurora is providing the opportunity for some of our nation’s brightest to showcase their skills and value in the workplace.”

Alexis is one of those people. She joined the Aurora Program in May this year and has been thriving since. 

“Before Aurora, I struggled at school and struggled to complete formal qualifications,” Alexis said.

“I found it really difficult to find permanent or part-time work because conventional recruitment processes were really challenging.

“But Aurora recruitment was so different. The Aurora approach really helped me show my strengths and capabilities.” 

Alexis works in Cyber Security and is a Training and Awareness Officer. She’s also working with young women in colleges in the Canberra region to encourage them to enter STEM professions. 

Aurora is currently recruiting for roles in Canberra. Roles will soon be available in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne. 

For more information, and to apply, visit the Services Australia website: servicesaustralia.gov.au/aurora