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30 September 2021

The Government that shirked responsibility for fighting bushfires and building quarantine centres - is now handballing the responsibility for vaccine certificates to the states and territories.
Instead of one national app for people to prove their vaccination status, local travellers, businesspeople and tourists will be faced with the unwieldy prospect of having to hook their myGov vaccine certificate up to eight individual state and territory apps on their smartphone.
So instead of one national app for everyone – it will be a fiddly pick-and-mix approach for Australian travellers and international tourists.
You might think the Morrison Government was shirking responsibility because they had learnt from the failure of the COVIDSafe app - $9,133,000 for 17 unique detections - that this area is not their strong suit.
But guess who has been put in charge of the Commonwealth’s technological part of this convoluted approach to vaccine certificates?
Not the person it should be: Government Services Minister, Linda Reynolds (despite her agency Services Australia being responsible for hooking the myGov vaccine certificate up with the various states and territories.)
Instead, for some strange reason, at the helm is: the PM’s former flatmate, the COVIDSafe architect, Robodebt denialist and serial tech bungler Stuart Robert (currently the Minister for Employment).
If anything goes wrong the Government can just say "my bad" blame the states or blame imaginary hackers
But questions remain as to –

  • How forgeries will be prevented?
  • What, if any, federal support venues and shops will receive to aid them with implementing a vaccine passport checking system?
  • What will happen if individual states and territories do not agree to host the vaccine certificate on their check-in apps?

And the Prime Minister must explain why he has put his bungling mate, instead of the responsible minister, in charge of the tech end of such an important tool for virus control as Australia reopens.