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31 August 2021

The Morrison Government has released false financial information to hype its claims of NDIS budget blow outs. 

It is bad enough that NDIS Minister Linda Reynolds cruelly scapegoats’ people with disability to justify ideologically-driven cuts to the safety net.

But it is a new low to fake the numbers and pretend the costs are growing when her own figures show they are reducing.

Minister Reynolds must now apologise to the disability community for running a campaign of mistruth on such an important matter and come clean on the real figures.

Minister Reynolds yesterday released a new report for the scheme, which she claimed proved the NDIS was the victim of overspending from people living with disabilities. 

Minister Reynolds spruiked her fictional figures in a press release and in targeted drops to media that spending was up, but closer inspection of the report reveals the truth:

LINDA’S CLAIM: Costs have continued to increase at a much higher rate than expected.

FACT: The NDIA reports (Jan-June 2021) average participant annual spend is $55,900. Which means Minister Reynold’s media release amount of $53,400 is actually a decrease of $2,500 per participant.

LINDA’S CLAIM: Scheme costs increased 18% July 2021 compared to July 2020.

FACT: There are 80,640 more participants in July this year than July last year – an increase of 20.5%. Which means per-participant cost is going down. 

There must be greater transparency around the Morrison Government’s mismanagement of the NDIS. 

Minister Reynolds may choose to tell whoppers until the cows come home. But what Australian taxpayers and Australians with disability really deserve is the truth.

They must stop the hype and beat ups and, after eight years of mismanagement, make clear a positive plan for the NDIS.