30 March 2021

The Australian Labor Party has today passed a series of important commitments to people who use the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Government Services at its Special Platform Conference.

The commitments were made as part of Labor’s plan to make Australia a strong and healthy society, where people are cared for, and Government, the non-profit and community sectors work together for all Australians.

It is critical Australians have equal access to a strong support system, which the Morrison Government is attempting to dismantle bit by bit to make life harder for people who need their help most.

Labor has committed to fair and transparent processes and funding for people who access the NDIS so that people with a disability are treated equitably and have a voice.

In the last week we have seen the Morrison Government’s secret plans to make radical cuts to the NDIS and use sham consultations to push through so called ‘independent assessments’ to trim its bottom line.

These secret plans shocked the disability community and reflected the Government’s complete lack of care and respect for people living with disability and people who use government services.

We have also watched on in dismay as Prime Minister Morrison shuffled his cabinet and ‘punished’ former Defense Minister Linda Reynolds with the NDIS and Government Services portfolio.

The NDIS and Government Services should not be treated as a dumping ground for failed Liberal ministers. To serve the 430,000 NDIS participants, their families, carers, and the professional who work with them, the NDIS should be a promotion, but the Liberals see it as somewhere to be demoted to.