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11 November 2021

The Morrison Government’s new legislation that will give the NDIS chief executive unprecedented powers must be stopped.

The “participant service guarantee” bill will give NDIS chief executive Martin Hoffman the authority to cut any participants plan with no notice and no explanation.

The extraordinary power grab could also extend to NDIS Minister Linda Reynolds.

It would see the NDIS, one of Australia’s greatest safety nets, operate like a private insurance agency.

No unelected bureaucrat, no matter how much they are paid, should be given God-like power.

The NDIS is being bastardised by the Morrison Government. This is despite evidence showing the $22 billion scheme injects $52 billion a year into the Australian economy.

Participants plans are being cut across the board with no explanation.

The Morrison Government is using this new legislation to get around the fact that its failed independent assessments were axed and it wants to find a new way to slash the scheme.

The Senate tomorrow will hear from the disability sector and legal experts who all say the new bill is a travesty.

The Morrison Government must back away from this dangerous amendment in the bill before they inflict more pain and suffering onto NDIS participants and their families.