10 March 2019


Thank you Penny for that very kind introduction and thank you one and all for that very warm welcome - this is really a great event.
So much Labor passion, energy, enthusiasm – even some live music.
Now I was going to say there’s a festival atmosphere in the air but that might mean the Liberals would try and close down the event down.
I too acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, I pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging.
And at any Labor event or gathering these words are not just the sign of respect, they are a promise for action.
Because every Labor Government is committed to do a better deal and greater equality for our First Australians.
And friends, in New South Wales, if Labor is elected in 13 days’ time our first Australians will get some overdue equality in this state.
Her in New South Wales you have got a remarkable, passionate and dedicated Labor team to support.
And at this election, you have a great opportunity – you have an opportunity to make Michael Daley Premier in a new Labor Government in New South Wales.
You know, that when you look at what’s been happening in Sydney - and indeed right around your state – the choice is clear, the contrast is stark.
The Liberals and Nationals think that being in government is about telling people what to do.
But in the Labor Party, we know that being in government is about what we can do for the people.
The Liberals think that government is about helping their mates – and helping themselves.
We know government is about helping the people.
It’s about leaving the place better than when we found it, it’s about handing-on a better deal to the next generation than that which we inherited from the previous generation.
Now the late, great Neville Wran did that.
Barry Unsworth did that.
Bob Carr did that.
And Kristina Keneally did that.
This is what Labor Premiers and Labor Governments do, they build for the future.
And friends, we know that the best thing we can do for our society, for our community, for our economy, for the opportunities that our children will have in the future is to invest in education.
This, investing in education is the heart of Michael Daley’s vision:
Investing in the early years, pre-school for every three and four year old child, so that every child gets the best possible start in life.
It's about investing in proper funding for public schools - so that kids in the bush, kids with disability, kids from disadvantaged suburbs and poor families have an equal opportunity in New South Wales to get a world class education.
We say it loudly and proudly here today - great teachers and great schools change lives.
And today makes it very clear – only a Daley Labor Government will put in the money to make every school in New South Wales, a great school.
And – friends – in the Labor Party, here in New South Wales and right around Australia, we know investing in education is about backing public TAFE all the way.
If I’m elected as Prime Minister, I want to work with Michael and his marvellous team to renovate and revitalise TAFE campuses and workshops all over New South Wales.
And if Michael Daley is Premier he will make sure that people can enrol and study in those TAFEs, with no upfront fees at all.
And something really important – every time Labor Governments work together on a good infrastructure project, a real infrastructure project, like fast-tracking Sydney Metro West, we’ll make sure that the rule is that one in ten people employed is an Aussie apprentice, full stop.
TAFE is not something we discover in the dying weeks of an election, it is in the Labor DNA every day of the year.
Nowhere knows better than New South Wales that the Liberals have spent years cutting schools and cannibalising and privatising vocational education and they suddenly want to try and use schools and TAFE as a backdrop for their photo opportunities.
It’s really about as convincing as Scott Morrison pretending that he cares about promoting women.
It’s about as convincing as Tony Abbott pretending that he cares about climate change.
It’s about as convincing as Peter Dutton pretending he cares, all - full stop.
There is only one party and one leader at this election passionate about the future of education, the future of schools, the future of apprentices, the future of TAFE, that it's Labor and Michael Daley.
Now friends,
This election is more than just a clash of policies, it’s not just a contrast in priorities.
It is a contest about values.
It is a question about who should democracy work for.
For eight years the Liberals and Nationals have put themselves ahead of the people of New South Wales.
They think that government is just about special jobs for party hacks, special treatment for party donors, special favours for Liberal-National cronies.
Trust me we see it in Canberra, and you see it in Macquarie Street.
The Liberals and Nationals using taxpayers’ money and government power to look after those who already have money and power.
In our Labor Party we take a different view.
Anyone who has spent five minutes talking to Michael Daley knows he is a man who loves his family, who loves his community and who genuinely cares about helping people.
He believes in public services and he believes in public service.
And as we saw the other day, he’ll always stand up for the ordinary people against the noisy and the powerful.
“Thanks for your service” - how good was that?
Michael is a great bloke, he’s a strong leader - and with your help, I believe he will be a great Premier of New South Wales.
New South Wales Labor are a great team - and with your help they can be a great government.
So, over the next 13 days, take every chance to talk to a friend, a neighbour, a colleague, someone at the club, the person in front of you waiting for their coffee.
Start a conversation. Make a phone call. Knock on a door. Spread the word.
And let's make the choice clear.
The conversation you leave unsaid could make the difference, so leave the conversation said.
If you want better schools and hospitals, vote for Michael Daley, vote for Labor.
If you want better TAFE and infrastructure, vote for Michael Daley, vote for Labor.
If you want a better deal for the people of New South Wales, all over this great state - vote for Michael Daley, vote Labor.
And if you want a government that will help the people instead of helping itself, vote for Michael Daley, vote for Labor.
Thank you very much.