22 July 2015

A Shorten Labor Government will put a strong renewable energy sector at the centre of Australia’s response to the challenge of climate change, creating jobs, driving investment and pushing down power bills for families and small business.


Labor wants to see 50 per cent of our electricity energy mix generated by renewable energy by 2030.

We want to see more solar panels on the roof-tops of Australian homes and businesses.

We want to see battery technology developed to the point that electricity from solar panels can be stored in our homes and small businesses.

We want to make sure that investors in windfarms can be confident about investing in wind power.

There is an absolutely clear cut choice between Labor and the Liberals when it comes to renewable energy.

Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey hate windfarms; Labor will ensure renewable energy is a big part of the future for our country.
Tony Abbott has done everything in his power to destroy renewable energy in Australia.


Confidence for investors is the key to success for large-scale renewable energy.


Mr Abbott has tried his best to wreck it, but confidence must be rebuilt and Labor is committed to establishing consensus for an expanded renewable energy industry by 2030.


If we can do that, we can transform our electricity system into a cleaner energy future.


In Government, Labor will work with industry and the community to put in place the right policy settings to achieve this transition.
Only Labor will do this, and only Labor will look after the workers affected by the modernisation of our electricity generating system.


According to Tony Abbott’s own review, more renewable energy will push down power prices.  It will bring billions of dollars of new investment, creating jobs and reducing pollution.
Boosting renewable energy will be a centrepiece of our response to the challenge of climate change.

We will take steps to reduce pollution, and we will not be intimidated by ridiculous scare campaigns.


Only Labor takes the challenge of climate change seriously.




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