10 February 2020

The faulty and illegal Robodebt scam has gone into overdrive against vulnerable recipients of sickness allowance and disability social security, figures obtained by Labor in the Senate reveal.

Last financial year tax garnishees of Sickness Allowance and Disability Support Pension increased by nearly 2000 per cent.

This is despite the Government previously claiming it was taking care of those doing it hard and sparing them from Robodebt.

In November 2019 Services Australia told the Canberra Times the department removes people from the debt recovery process if they have a vulnerability indicator on their file.

The agency said: “This was one of the early changes made to the program as part of our commitment to continual improvement.”

This is what is really happening to the vulnerable under Robodebt –

This is not a helping hand for people in need. This is a new low for this Government and its handling of social security.

Robodebt is illegal. And what’s worse is the Government has known it is while deploying it against the vulnerable.

It is time for Minister Stuart Robert to come clean with the public about what he knew and when as well as revealing details of his scheme to repay innocent Australians.